GOTI DI MURANO Tumbler - Mouth Blown on Murano Italy


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Zafferano's founder and designer Federico de Majo was born in Venice and started blowing glass as a young man working in the family factory on Murano.

The Goti di Murano tumblers are mouth blown and handworked by the master glassblowers at Federico’s factory on Murano in Italy.

Many things have changed on Murano in the past 20 years and this collection reignites the start of commercial production of tumblers for the global market right alongside his bespoke collections for private buyers which has been the mainstay of the factory for some years now.

The traditional glassmaking techniques are used for the creation of these stunning pieces with beautiful elements such as murrine, glass rods and silver leaf added to make them unique and highly collectable! 

Each piece is a work of art and has it’s own personality...
no two pieces will ever be the same!

Dimensions: CL: 44  D: 85mm  H: 105mm (may vary due to hand made technique)