ESPERIENZE Spritz Glass (Set of 2)


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To make the perfect Spritz you need to start with the perfect glass. This super popular  Italian aperitif is a long cool drink usually enjoyed before a meal.

'Aperol' is the most popular digestive bitters base poured over ice and topped off with prosecco and a dash of soda. However our favourite is the original Veneziano Spritz which uses 'Select' for the bitters base and was created way back in Venice in 1920. Campari is also good if you can't find 'Select'

The “Esperienze” collection is made of superior quality crystal glass known for its high transparency and high resistance to breakage. It is dishwasher safe (to 60°C).

 Doubles as a good red wine glass too!

Dimensions: D: 100 mm H: 220 mm CL: 60