Tall Salon vase


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The SALON vase collection sees a new shape with the introduction of the tall vase. Inspiring design from the Swedish girls at Sthål ... the new tall vase is elegant in it's simplicity. Made in hire fire terracotta as the base and layered with texture and colour to create the signature ribbed profile.

The SALON collection by Sthål is designed and created in the Sthål
studio near Malmö by Susanna Theander and Helena Åkesson–Liedberg the clever creatives behind this amazing Swedish brand.  Commercial production is in Portugal.

Sthål strive to make their products look and feel handmade. The beautiful glazes are achieved by applying a number of manual processes to create a unique and high quality luxurious finish. Each piece is a unique work of art of a quality that will endure through the generations. 

The colour palette and shapes are inspired by nature... flowers, fruits, vegetables, leaves. These hues of nature bring instant emotion and a special ambiance to your home.

Tall Vase: H 205mm  Pedestal base diameter: 100mm  Widest base diameter: 110mm

Top diameter:  150mm