Wines of the King Valley

“To talk about the conception and crafting of Esperienze gives me
great pleasure. I looked for an idea that did not follow the behavior of being
merely pleasant to the eye, which is the case with so many existing wine
glasses. The idea came to me while I was sitting at the table in a charming
room at Morgan’s, Madison Avenue. It was raining outside, a myriad
of concentric rings vibrated in the mirrors created by the puddles; a concrete,
immediate, fulfilled idea.”

Federico de Majo  Founder of Zafferano

Esperienze has changed the way to taste and enjoy wine! The ripples at the bottom of the glass, an international patent, are the hallmark of these fine crystal wine glasses. This unique design increases the surface area in contact with the wine in order to enhance the process of oxygenation. The ripples also allow the full range of colours and reflections of the wine to be observed as it is swirled without having to tilt the glass. Crafted in high quality crystal glass and available in two versions —mouth blown and machine made.

Zafferano is very pleased to be associated with the Wines of King Valley.  The Sangiovese Project is unique in Australia and we were very excitied to be chosen as the tasting glass for this important project.


To celebrate the success of the Sangiovese Project we are very pleased to offer a special offer for wine loveers who want to expereince the best Sangiovese wine in the ......