Every great design begins with an even better story ........this is ours

It all started on a bench at Balmoral.....


It was a beautiful warm summer morning some 10 years ago. Chance would have it we both ended up on Janet’s bench. After a slow start we talked and talked and then talked some more … we had been drawn together …there seemed to be a connection from some other time, some other place. We shared our life experiences, our hopes, expectations and dreams all on that first day. We discovered we shared a passion for all things Italian – the food, design and fashion, the people and their way of family life.  Moda, Casa e Cucina.

Our first long holiday together was to Italy and we soaked it all in. As we travelled we realised why we loved it so much… everything was so stylish but effortlessly so. Everything was beautiful and evoked great emotion. Everything seemed full of life and colour. Everyday objects and the things we saw had a special quality that is hard to describe. We now understand this is the element of great design and how it actually transcends the most simple things into objects of great beauty. We saw many things that we loved but could not bring everything home. There is so much great Italian design that we haven’t seen here yet and so grew the seed of an idea to bring to Australia what we love and enjoy about Italy to share with our friends and family. As we showed off our prized pieces we realised that our friends also appreciated what we saw in these special things and the idea for Casa e Cucina came to life.

Our aim is to seek out unique, innovative, high quality, stylish and fun brands and products that compliments our Australian lifestyle. We want to bring our love of Italy and passion for great Italian design into the hearts and homes of Australia and our kiwi neighbours.

Today, we are partners in business as well as partners in life and Balmoral is still very much a part of lives….swimming, walking, more talking, sitting on our bench and planning our next fun adventure to Italy….


      Ciao Jenny and Quentin