The Sthål Story

We are delighted to bring you another amazing brand originating from Scandinavia... not far from the home of Lovely Linen.

Sthål tableware and cutlery designs are born and bred near Malmö, Sweden and show how inspiring Swedish design translates into a highly desirable product that fits right into our Australian lifestyle. The colours, look and feel bring a sense of the Scandi style with a quirky bohemian twist. Sthål is distinctively European, elegant and timeless.

The two founders of Sthål, Susanna and Helena, have been firm friends since their days as graphic designers.

A formidable team, they came together 10 years ago 
to realise their dreams with the creation of ‘Arabesque’ — their first collection
of stoneware under the brand name of Sthål. Today sees a refined and expanded collection of Arabesque with new shapes and colours.

‘Salon’ was their next ceramic collection. Tactile, organic shaped vases made from high fire terracotta and coloured to bring out the nuances of the delicate design known across the globe as uniquely Scandinavian.

‘Choice by Sthål’ is the latest addition to the brand’s portfolio — a superb collection of cutlery designed by the duo and made in Portugal. Comprising of two ranges, both are simple yet elegant in design and both feature a vintage stone washed, dishwasher resistant, matt finish. They are practical, beautiful and highly sought after as each piece is unique

and the latest in-vogue look. Carefully chosen cutlery is the perfect finish to compliment the dinnerware and complete the table setting.

Sthål has built a strong reputation across Europe for their high quality and beautiful aesthetics. Tasteful down to the last detail sums up this gorgeous brand, and we are sure you will love them as much as we do.