Cotton Placemat Indigo - Drop Design


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CHAMOIS is a Swedish interior and fashion brand founded by Charlotte Amlé. A fusion of her Swedish sensibility, timeless European style, and love of rich Indian design traditions comes together full of joyous colour and texture. Her textiles are not only beautiful but also deeply meaningful and reflective of a global design aesthetic.

 Stunning Indian block print patterns and hand made techniques used over thousands of years are combined and interpreted in modern designs expressed with a distinctive European mood.

CHAMOIS linen is sourced in Belguim and carefully selected for it's quality and durability. Charlotte’s designs and colour palettes show great attention to detail. She wants to share her experiences and love of India’s ancient cultural expressions with you through Chamois.

We love the distinctive, unique artisan look of hand prints created with indigo dye and CHAMOIS’s INDIGO designs are stunning in their simplicity. 

The technique requires the artisans skilled eye and hands learned from experience past down through the generations.

The designs are carved into hardwood timber blocks and these blocks are used to stamp each print onto the fabric with mud. After stamping the fabric is dipped into indigo dye.

Due to the nature of indigo dye, all indigo products can and will bleed even when dry.

We have taken great care to minimize the bleeding. Make sure that you always wash indigo products separately.


Placemat 32 x 50cm
Care: Wash in 30 degrees on a gentle (silk/wool) program with a mild detergent without bleach. Iron warm. No tumble dry. 

Chamois is proud to be recognized as the leading interior and fashion company when it comes to guarding and transforming tradition and handicraft expertly reinterpreted for today’s interior design and fashion trends.

  The local cultural sensitivities are very important and they collaborate with small factories and family run businesses with over 150 years of experience and inherited skills from well known textile regions in India.