JCL Sparking Wine Mouth Blown Glass (Set of 4)


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The first Asian Master of Wine, Jeannie Cho Lee is an award-winning author, television host, wine critic, judge and educator. She was ranked 25th in the Decanter Power List 2013 of the most influential people in wine. Jeannie has designed a set of exquisite wine glasses, made of fine, lead-free crystal glass, and exclusively distributed by Zafferano. The various versions, hand-made and mouth blown, all very light, share the same carefully researched shape of the bowl and the very feminine design of the stem. The two models - JCL8C and JCL15C - are named with the perfect temperature for the wines poured in mind; a consideration as important as the wine glass itself.

Dimensions: JCL8C.   45 cl | Ø 86 mm | h 251 mm